Maximum Comfort

Taking care of yourself is no longer a whim. Taking care of yourself is a must, and finding the sport that allows you to enjoy while you take care of your body and your mind is a privilege that assures us health and well-being. The sports skirts offer the maximum comfort to get the best results in our daily workouts. It does not matter the kind of activity you choose. In Roly we combine everything so that you find comfort, dynamism and beauty.

Quality fabrics

Flexible fibers are prepared to absorb less sweat and adapt perfectly to the body. A quality fiber allows us to perform an intense physical activity.

The most current proposals for ideal skirts for practicing your favorite sport at school, in the gym, on the athletic track or on the tennis court. No matter where you choose, what matters is the model. The sports look is and will continue being trend. The technical fabrics are combined with comfortable and sophisticated practical shoes and accessories.

A comfortable and functional model

It is not the same to practise body combat, running, tennis or cycling. Each sport needs a garment that perfectly suits the kind of exercise that we are going to perform. In addition, we must keep in mind that aesthetics is important. Choose a sports skirt suited to our physical performance is the best choice.

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