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Suitable for all tastes and styles

This extraordinary garment arrived one day to revolutionize the world of fashion and its acceptance was so applauded that it remained to create trend in the world of the woman. The skirt is one of the feminine garments that more supporters has gained over the years.

It symbolizes the peak of female attraction. Its tendency has varied as the roles of women have evolved in society. Since Coco Chanel touched it with her magic wand in the twenties, young and older people choose it to give shape and styling to their figure.

"The skirts are beautiful. They move very well and are very feminine. They make women really look like women"-Carolina Herrera, designer.

A style for every occasion and emotion

In Roly we approach all kinds of girls: To the romantic ones, those who lean towards lace fabrics and sheer skirts, the same girls as wear their high heels with a beautiful tulle fabric one night. To the bohemians girls with their long casual and colorful skirts. To minimalist ones with its tube design. To girls who exercise their body and her mind with sports styles.